Sunday, October 3, 2010

Crom - Hot Sumerian Nights

      Ah Crom's second full length. After hearing the first LP (The cocaine wars 1974-1989) spinning at a friends house, I fell in love with the corny Conanian powerviolence. Not much has changed in the presentation between the two, except the entire fucking genre. If you ever listened to the first one, it was all mathy stop and charge tempo changing cock dickery, never taking itself too seriously (at least that hasn't changed). For this one they decided to take the small portion of the debut that was sludge-ridden break downs, and make an entire album out of it. This album is primarily crushing chunky down tempo doom encrusted aural pleasure that I would expect from a band from the south, but with the great sound clips and cheesy music clips that I would expect from a band that takes its name from the Conan universe (This is the only one I know of). The album starts off with a pleasant sound clip that I can only explain as coughing up lungs from way too many drugs, then it dives right into a heavy riff that is immediately interrupted by a plethora of silly sounds and clips. The first real song on the album has almost the same tone as before, but the sound is undoubtedly different, the bands vocals are a little more organized and the music is a tad more structured (whether or not that that's a good thing is completely subjective, I enjoy it nevertheless) and instead of breaking down from fast hardcore crust like epilogues into sludge sections, the songs are sludge songs that gain tempo into almost speed metal / D-Beat ballads mid song, the Arnold clips are absolutely perfectly accompanying. Songs that I found stood above the rest are Zamora , King Osric (that sounds like a less organized His Hero is Gone at first listen) and Second Koming (which reminds me of a nwobhm song).

     Overall I highly enjoyed this album, it had the same vigour and style mashing intensity as the first and sure did not disappoint, I highly recommend downloading this as soon as possible and giving it a listen, it's one of those albums that is constantly getting played. The download to the album is linked below, be sure to followmy blog guyz ~cheers~*