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" Slough Feg - The animal spirits " review and download + video

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    Let me get this outta the way real quick, I fucking love Slough Feg. They deserve a lot more credit than they get for being one of the few "true" modern heavy metal bands. This shit is straight from the 80's styled heavy metal, but with amazing production quality and innovated song writing that sometimes even surprises one.
    Now onto the album, the LP starts out strong with "Trick the Vicar", as it delves deep into heavy doom-influenced riffs and heavy strutting triplets. It quickly moves through the short two songs into the instrumental "Materia Prima", a song with as much western and classical rock'n'roll influence as it has heavy metal influence, the song boggles back and forth between tempos, from the clunky doom riffs and the strangly western to an almost speed metal like crescendo at around the 2:30 point. The majority of the next songs on the album continue the slower style that they seem to have adopted with Ape Uprising. Not that I'm complaining it was a solid album. The album gets a little cheesy the farther down it gets, it goes from some strange strung out ballads like in "hardworlder" and "the tell tale heart" and if it hadn't been for "kon tiki" seperating those two from the lame acoustic intro of "second coming" well... I just don't know what I'd do. The last song on the album, "tactical air war" is for sure the fastest, almost speed metal territory, very speed metal-y riffs but the drums just don't reach the token beat.
   Overall I think it's a good album. It's not great, not going to sugar coat it, the first song was awesome, set me up for disappointment, If only the whole album had been like that it could have been the next "hardworlder" or "traveller" but in this case the album just didnt really do it for me. That's not to discredit it though, definitely listen to this band, they're great. This album while deliver as well. As a token of my awesomeness, I've uploaded the album to mediafire [for speedy downloadin fool] with fixed tags, and I've uploaded a youtube video for your viewing pleasure.

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     HAHAHAHA FUCK, this band is too awesome, fuck. Japanese metal is INCREDIBLY hit and miss, and japanese punk even more so [polysics and shit bands etc]. Where shit bands fail [like stupid tokio hotel from tockeyo, sheesh cant even spell their home town right, dumb japanese] again and again, 324 shreds to pieces.  There's something about poorly translated grindcore that gets me going. The album starts off chunky and slow with the beginning of "darkgazer" but has some pretty solid thrashing anti-breakdowns, breakups if you will. The next songs through the title track consecutively grind the shit out of your ears with well placed breakdowns and fucking hectic as hell blast beats and vocals. Think Napalm death, but with better vocals and not english [not like you fucking care you grindslut], don't think punk.... Although the occasional well placed dbeat does appear. Mugen No Saka is a sweet as fuck song starting out with typical dbeat / speed metal crescendoing riffs and then after a few seconds of solid blast beats, one of the best songs on the album. The band takes a nice turn for a post-hardcore like song with most parts of "bidou no asa", amazing song, great composition. There's not much more I can say for this album, it's a grind album, there's not many grey areas, you'll like it or you won't. Definitely a great album by a great band.
     There's youtube videos of a FEW songs of theirs, two from this album. The guy seems cool, might as well link the song here for your listening, saves me from doing it I guess ~HehEheh~*.

Youtube video

     And a mediafire download :

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Stuck chilean miners

Have you heard of this band "Stuck Chilean Miners" ? Probably, everyone loves em now. I liked them when they were underground.

Help with the blog. And Arcade Fire - The Suburbs

     I need a bail out, fast. If you can, send my blog to anyone and everyone please! [or at least just SOMEONE else] and if you're really generous anyone... refresh script :3 I can return the favor :)

     And now cause I'm not a fuck and don't want to spam shit posts like that, Arcade fire. Taking a day off to right about great indie bands that I have liked and their newish albums, and I'm starting with Arcade Fire. To be totally honest, not my favorite album of theirs haha. Nothing will beat Funeral, in fact I kind have liked Neon Bible too haha. In fact, this may be their worst album. But that's nothing to turn a blind eye to, in fact that's quite a compliment. The worst arcade fire album is like winning the tiny less-important lottery, in that it's incredibly awesome as fuck, but you regress about what could have be. Two words, too predicable. Sheesh never would have seen an indie band in 2010 making an album like this. In fact the only reason this album is probably only loved and revered because of it's pitchfork worship. Now I'm sounding like this is a negative review, it is in NO WAY, STOP THINKING THAT, fuck you. The album is good. Not great. Not what I expected at all, but still an aural treat. 7/10 or so. Who cares about numbers  lol.