Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Help with the blog. And Arcade Fire - The Suburbs

     I need a bail out, fast. If you can, send my blog to anyone and everyone please! [or at least just SOMEONE else] and if you're really generous anyone... refresh script :3 I can return the favor :)

     And now cause I'm not a fuck and don't want to spam shit posts like that, Arcade fire. Taking a day off to right about great indie bands that I have liked and their newish albums, and I'm starting with Arcade Fire. To be totally honest, not my favorite album of theirs haha. Nothing will beat Funeral, in fact I kind have liked Neon Bible too haha. In fact, this may be their worst album. But that's nothing to turn a blind eye to, in fact that's quite a compliment. The worst arcade fire album is like winning the tiny less-important lottery, in that it's incredibly awesome as fuck, but you regress about what could have be. Two words, too predicable. Sheesh never would have seen an indie band in 2010 making an album like this. In fact the only reason this album is probably only loved and revered because of it's pitchfork worship. Now I'm sounding like this is a negative review, it is in NO WAY, STOP THINKING THAT, fuck you. The album is good. Not great. Not what I expected at all, but still an aural treat. 7/10 or so. Who cares about numbers  lol.


  1. I actually really like this album alot. Ready To Start is probably my favorite track of the album. The way they start with that guitar intro is amazing. The rest of the album is meh, but its still good. Nice Review :)

  2. Yeah haha it was a good album don't get me wrong but only a couple really good songs stood out for me.

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