Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Angelic Process - Weighing souls with sand


     This is by no means a new album or anything haha, but it's easily one of my favorites... And it's stood the test of time. There seems to be a lack of mention of this band and album anywhere, except for the surplus of youtube videos of their songs (fucking eh, saves me time heh), they really need more reviews of their amazing music. I don't even know how to describe this album, it's like post-industrial drone sludge. It's so incredibly amazing, it's like being in one of those old fashioned "Egyptian" booby trapped rooms where the walls close in, but the walls are made of staticy sound and the spikes that impale your vital organs are pounding drums. I hear people compare this to Nadja a lot but i just don't see it, I've listened to a lot of Nadja, and the only one it even slightly touches upon is "touched", but even then this album is miles away, with a completely unique and demolishing sound of its own.

     The album starts off with soft rolling ambiance, followed by some nice repetitive drumming... for about 2 minutes... Then SLAM. Downtuned dirty as fuck guitars with a tone I can't even begin to describe, the wall of sound this band creates is absolutely unexplainable using English, or even human words. I think it might be cause of his use of bows on guitars and other avant garde practices, or because he's an absolute musical genius, but either way you're crushed. No bones remaining. The vocals have this distortion where you can comprehend his words to a degree, it sounds like he's saying things, but it's hard to tell in what language. I'm guessing it's English, prove me wrong. The songs follow this pattern that somehow NEVER gets old, of starting off with ambient droning guitar, then either chugging palm mutes with tom pounding or distorted post-rock-esque riffs with Neurosis style pounding... Then it alternates. It's somehow always surprises me.
     Songs of noteworthiness on this album would be "Million year summer" and "We all die laughing". There's one part in "We all die laughing"  that tingles my spine and is near tear jerking for an unknown reason. Luckily it's on youtube so that saves me time. If you like strangely unsettling music, this is for you, if you like solid beautiful music, this is for you, if you like crushing down tempo music, this is for you. If you like them all, you are me or my friend, and if you're the latter I want my money you owe me you fuck. Download this album, listen to it MAX volume, and then follow my blog, you know you want to. Absolute 10 out of 10.



  1. I'm gonna need to check this out. This sounds like some beautiful epic doom metal.

  2. That's a pretty sick album, although I'm confused as to why they're not on metal archives. :\

    Good review, pretty much summed everything up perfectly. :)

  3. Yeah I don't know why. Maybe because they just aren't br00tal enuff.

    It has nothing to do with their lack of content, there's bands with hardly a demo on there, I'm as confused as you.

  4. Thanks for the download! I love having a fresh take on music every once in awhile. Thanks for providing it :)

  5. Thanks for the download!

    I love your take on it, but I am not familiar with many metal bands. Which bands would you say have influenced you the most?

  6. Thanks Roqi, answer: Black sabbath, black sabbath, black sabbath :p